What’s all the fuss about the M1?

M1 driver

Following more than two decades of advanced research and development, TaylorMade Golf, manufacturers of the #1 driver in golf, have developed a multi-material combination of titanium and a seven-layer carbon composite to unlock their longest driver and

most easy to fit product line in company history, M1™. In M1, engineers have created a driver designed to provide golfers with more ball speed, forgiveness and distance in TaylorMade’s first-ever “unmetalwood” family.

Every golfer’s swing is unique, and as the industry leader in product innovation, TaylorMade answered the challenge in delivering more performance to players of all skill levels with the introduction of M1 and its multi-material construction; delivering more speed, high launch, low spin, and increased ball speed protection.

The use of revolutionary carbon composite crown design in TaylorMade’s new M1 driver resulted in a significant decrease in overall club weight and allowed engineers to lower the centre of gravity (CG) and add a revolutionary T-Track system that houses 25g of adjustable weight, enabling the golfer to personalise their driver more than with any product before. TaylorMade’s research and development team’s internal acoustic management techniques have led to the M1driver’s best in class sound, which has been meticulously crafted to control vibration and pitch at impact.

Designed and built to be the best performing golf products in the world, M1’s engineers also sought the perfect blend of form and  function in the club’s aesthetics and club alignment. The endeavour brought forward the authenticity of the club’s materials in a way that

produced the most effective, visually appealing alignment system of any TaylorMade product to date. The combination of the black face, white forward section and composite rear of the M1’s crown is not only visually attractive, but provides golfers with a confidence-inspiring alignment aid at address.

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