Airline Charges

Airline travel is becoming more costly and especially if you need to put luggage or sports equipment in the hold.

Booking with allows you to avoid paying the fees airlines charge for carrying your golf equipment and there is no need to buy an expensive travel bag that you have to carry through a busy airport terminal.

Below is a guide to the current charges from leading airlines. These prices are always subject to change.

Airline Fees for golf equipment

Aer Lingus € 80 return
Easy Jet € 80 return
Virgin Atlantic € 140 return
Flybe € 80 return
British Airways € 140 return
Jet2 € 74 return
Ryanair € 60 return
TUI € 45 return
Lufthansa € 160 return
Eurowing € 100 return
SAS € 80 return
Finnair € 80 return
Vueling € 90 return

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