Best Golf Drivers 2015

So, It’s coming up to Christmas, you’re making your New Year’s resolution, and once again you are assuring yourself that this is the year you will drop your handicap by 4. You’re planning to get golf lessons, improve your swing, but then you realise you have to convince your loving partner that it’s all because of your rubbish driver. After dropping several hints and “accidentally” leaving golf magazines open on the table, you unwrap your beloved new club on Christmas morning, but which club will it be?

From adjustable club faces to interchangeable club weights, here’s my top 3 golf drivers on the market.

In no particular order, here’s my review on the best golf drivers of 2015:

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Review

Every golf lover will recognise the name of the Big Bertha, and it’s for good reason. If you want quality, adjustability, and aesthetic beauty, this is the club for you. Adjustable weights and club face angles in the head of the club makes for easy solutions to hooks, slices, loft control and spin control off the tee box. All of these features are independent to one another, so you can fine tune everything to suit your game. Callaway have used a lighter, more flexible composite to create a beautifully sleek black club face. The club is significantly lighter than last years model, and this is impressive considering the features they have added included a central weight to change the centre of gravity. With a price tag of $450, this is an amazingly unique golf club, ideal for fine tuning your game off the tee box.

Nike Vapor Flex Review

Nike have developed this club based off the Nike Vapor Speed/Pro models. Nike’s new concept for the Vapor driver is counterintuitive, yet the science behind it is so simple that it works beautifully. They have stiffened the clubhead, which makes the club more flexible. In theory, it sounds like the engineers at Nike forgot basic principals of physics, but instead, they have developed an extremely clever way of exerting energy into exactly the right place. By stabilizing the sole of the clubhead using two parallel beams in a cavity, they have made the front of the clubhead (particularly the face) much more flexible, without losing any energy from the rear of the club.

This means off centre strikes will be more consistent, and we do not sacrifice any power in our swing. The main difference between the Flex version, and the previous two versions, is that we can change loft angle and spin without adjusting the club face, which is quite unique. For example, if the 10.5 degree gives you the perfect loft, but not the right amount of spin, you can change the centre of gravity of the club by moving the weight slug in the sole. The further back the slug is, the more loft you will achieve. With a price tag of $500, this golf club without a doubt uses some of the best technology on the market.

Taylor Made M1 Review

This is the club that all the experts are talking about. The TaylorMade M1 is composed of Titanium and 7 different carbon composites. This creates lightweight, controlled, power. The weight of this club is significantly lower than most drivers, which creates a low sense of gravity, along with adjustable 25g weights in the clubhead. The aesthetics of this club are astounding, and are matched by a crisp sound upon the strike of the ball. This combination of science, beauty, research and development has created what we know as the TaylorMade M1, and it is amazing. Clocking in at $500, this, In my opinion, is the best driver available on the market right now.

This concludes my article on the Best Golf Drivers in 2015, and hopefully this is a good way to start lowering your handicap!