Druids Glenn Golf Day June 24th

Druids Glenn- Golf Day

June 24th marked the highlight in Clubstohire.com social calendar in 2016, the annual golf day hosted this year in the fabulous setting of the Druids Glenn golf resort and hotel. A first point that has to be made and this was view held universally across all participants in the day was just how immaculate the course was looking. From the moment you drive in you are struck by fabulous surroundings and for this all the staff must be congratulated on their excellent work.

Over 80 golfer’s friends of both Clubstohire.com & Zurich insurance set out in 20+ four ball groups, with the first tee box looking like something fresh from the European Tour. The lovely staff at Druids Glenn provided each participant with a breakfast bap and fresh coffee so this ensured everybody was fuelled to take on the challenges on course & the challenges the elements were ready to throw at them. In general the weather held out for us, with just a few heavy downpours to keep everybody on their toes throughout the day.

While this day was a celebration for the clients and partners of Clubstohire.com & Zurich Insurance Group, there was an element of seriousness about the day. For the winning group there was 4 brand new TaylorMade M2 Drivers up for grabs and the runners up prizes were not to be sniffed at either. The tension was never more apparent however than on the 12th tee-box, manned wilfully throughout the day by golf pro Niall Kearney. Each golfer was afforded the opportunity to pit themselves against one of Irelands finest golfers, Kearney would shoot first the goal was to land your tee shot closer to the hole than his shot, easier said than done. A select few did manage to land their tee-shot closer than the Pro’s and were rewarded in the prize giving ceremony afterwards.

The ultimate goal of the day was to reflect on past partnerships fondly and look forward to continued affiliations, or so people would have you believe. The real aim for everyone heading on that morning was to not only stitch the ball inside the pro’s tee shot on the 12th, there was more at stake. For anybody who could combine the incredible luck and skill to nail a hole in one they would have driven home in a 162-D Volkswagen Golf GTI. The camera crew, the car gleaming with a sheen of fresh rain and one of Irelands finest golfers all at your back when you stood up to the 12th really gave the day a sense of occasion. Alas nobody could do the near impossible and the car did not go home with a proud new owner. The closest anyone came to claiming the fabulous prize of offer was the commander in chief from Zurich Insurance, Conor Brennan. He sent a beautiful tee shot spinning towards the hole and there were a few audible gasps as the shot looked to be heading straight in only for it to come up a 2ft short, a fantastic effort nonetheless.

When the golf concluded the real business could start! The staff at Druids Glenn once again excelled and the BBQ laid on was gladly received. The food and setting created the perfect atmosphere and by the time the band came on everybody began to loosen up (free bar). The prize giving ceremony was the last call of business for the day, Tony Judge, Gerry McKernan & Conor Brennan all spoke eloquently and put in to words how successful the day. The plans seem set now for a renewal of this event every year, roll on 2017 I say!

Cian McCabe